Patrushev: We will respond to the siege of Kaliningrad by the Lithuanians

Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev said that Moscow’s response to the transport blockade of the Russian Kaliningrad region by Lithuania will directly affect the population of this republic.

Patrushev, during his participation in a meeting on national security issues in northwestern Russia, held today, Tuesday in Kaliningrad, stressed that NATO is building up its military and intelligence presence near the northern and western borders of the country, adding that the situation in this Russian region arises under conditions of unprecedented political, media and economic pressure from the West.

He added: “The latest example of this is the blockade imposed by Lithuania with the consent of Western countries and in violation of the norms and principles of international law on the transit of a wide range of goods to the Kaliningrad region. This example shows that it is unacceptable to trust not only the oral statements of the West, but also written ones. Russia will undoubtedly respond to these aggressive actions. Appropriate measures are being discussed in the Russian authorities and will be taken in the near future. influence the Lithuanian population”.

Last week, Lithuanian Railways informed the railways of the Kaliningrad region that from June 18, the transit of goods subject to EU sanctions to the Kaliningrad region of Russia is prohibited.

In turn, the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, indicated that the ferry complex of the region would be able to transport new shipments.

As for the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, the decision of the Lithuanian authorities was called illegitimate and unprecedented, promising that Russia would respond to it.

Source: RIA Novosti

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