Party of the President of France chooses "Renaissance" like a new name

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Republic on the Move party officially changed its name on Saturday to En Nahda.

The party was created a year before Macron’s arrival at the Élysée Palace in 2017 and served as a vehicle for his re-election in 2022. The party is being rebuilt, and its founder will not be able to run for a third presidential term in 2027.

On Saturday, party activists gathered at the Louvre Carousel in Paris, a few meters from the pyramid where the youngest president of the Fifth Republic (Macron) celebrated his first victory in 2017.

Macron, who became honorary president of Ennahda, warned that “without unity, the extremists will win.” Macron was re-elected last May after running against National Rally (far-right) candidate Marine Le Pen, who received more than 41% of the vote.

In last June’s legislative elections, Macron lost his absolute majority in France’s National Assembly, with the far right gaining 89 seats.

Source: AFP.

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