Paris announces readiness to return families of French terrorists from Syria

France has announced its readiness to return more families of terrorists between the French from Syria when circumstances permit, and that it has been “marked” by its conviction in the European Court of Human Rights in this regard.

“The government has taken note of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement, stressing that “Paris did not wait for the court’s decision to come into force” and is ready to return more families “depending on the circumstances.” permit.”

She pointed out that the Government had previously carried out several repatriations, and while Paris was conducting an individual study in this area, 35 children and 16 mothers were returned in early July.

She added that “these operations used French civilian and military assets and they were missions that were very difficult and safe, and they took place in a war zone over which France had no control, as the court indicated.”

About 100 French women and 250 children are still in camps in Syria.

On Wednesday, the European Court of Human Rights condemned France for not returning French families from Syria.

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights stated: “In executing its judgment, the Court considers that the French Government should resume examination of the applicants’ complaints as soon as possible, with appropriate safeguards against arbitrariness.”

This verdict represents a setback for Paris, but does not secure a “general right of return” for people still held in Syrian camps.

Source: AFP.

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