Palestinian player killed in Israeli shelling east of Gaza

The Palestinian sports club Zaytoun has announced the death of its player Youssef Kaddum as a result of the shelling of a group of citizens by an Israeli aircraft in the Shejaya region, east of the Gaza Strip.

And the Palestinian news agency Shehab quoted a statement from the club saying that “the young martyr Kaddum, 24, was outside his house with a number of his neighbors before they were shot down by missiles from Zionist enemy aircraft.”

He added that “the karateka at the club was martyred immediately after the attack”, wishing him mercy and condoling to his family on his death.

The club called on “all human rights and international organizations to intervene to stop the series of daily crimes committed by the occupiers against athletes.”

Caddum is one of the outstanding karatekas of the Zaytoun club, a participant in many sports tournaments.

Today, Friday, Israel launched a military campaign that, according to an Israeli army spokesman, was directed against the Islamic Jihad movement in the Gaza Strip and is called the “True Dawn”.

Source: agencies

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