Pakistan: rape punishable by chemical castration

Pakistan’s parliament has approved a new anti-rape law that allows for quick convictions and harsh sentences, including chemical castration, for rapists.

Under the law, a nationwide registry of sex offenders will be maintained through a national database, victims’ identities will be protected, “rape crisis cells” will be formed, and medical examinations of victims will be conducted within hours. occurrence of crimes.

Persons found guilty of gang rape will be sentenced to death or imprisonment for the rest of their lives, and repeat offenders may be subjected to chemical castration.

Human rights activists welcomed the law, but stressed the need for better policing and prosecution to ensure justice for victims of sexual assault.

According to legal experts, rape cases in Pakistan take years to bring perpetrators to justice, and rapists often succeed because political influence leads to misinvestigation by the police, and rampant corruption in the judiciary can help rapists secure favorable sentences.

Source: Voice of America

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