Outriders Update 1.25 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – August 27, 2022

Frontier Developments has released a new Update 1.25 for Outriders. The following is a detailed overview of all the changes, fixes, and improvements implemented in the recently released version of the game. the Outriders Update 1.25 can now be downloaded, but the file size could vary depending on the platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

Patch Notes:
  • Fixed a bug with the Technomancer’s Grim Inventor Set that was causing the Set Bonus to stop working consistently.

  • Resolved a number of issues with the Apocalypse Tier System which either prevented players from progressing or led to other players instantly levelling up their tiers.

  • Granted all character that had been missing an Ascension point their missing point.

    • The bug that caused this issue was fixed in a previous patch, but the work to grant the missing point had to be done separately.

Source: Outriders

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