Opposition MP Describes Sunak as Leader "weak" AND"Idiot"

UK Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves warned British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak against pulling the country back, calling him “weak”.

Reeves said persistent corruption scandals are distracting the government from economic recovery.

“We have inflation at 10.5%, which is close to a 40-year high,” Reeves added.

And she went on to say that Sunak is either “indifferent or stupid” for not knowing the truth about corruption scandals involving his ministers, noting that “Sunak’s decision not to fire his deputy Dominic Raab despite accumulating allegations of bullying over it. , shows the degree of his weakness.

Reeves said, “Sunak can’t get the election done because he knows he’s going to lose it and that he’s a weak leader and he can’t get rid of these people,” noting that “the prime minister is dealing with crisis after crisis because he’s too weak to bear them.” decisive action.”

Reeves also ridiculed Sunak’s claim that he did not know that Nazim Al-Zahavi was under investigation for tax evasion even after he appointed him head of the Conservative Party, noting that the prime minister is the only a person in the world who didn’t know about it. .

“I think people know that this government has run out of time and ideas,” she concluded.

Source: Mirror.

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