Opposition coalition party emerges victorious in Finland’s parliamentary elections

Finland’s Ministry of Justice has announced that the opposition coalition party led by Petteri Orbo has won the country’s parliamentary elections after more than 99% of the votes were counted.

According to the ministry statement: “After counting 99.6% of the votes, the opposition Coalition Party led by Petteri Urbu won 20.8%, the opposition Real Finns Party led by Rikka Bira won 20%, the Social Democratic Party led by Prime Minister Minister Sanna Marin won 19.9% ​​and the Center Party led by Anika Sariko 11.3%.

Orbo, speaking from his campaign headquarters, announced victory in the elections and the beginning of negotiations with other parties to form a government coalition, and also said: “Based on these election results, we will begin negotiations to form a coalition-led government in Finland. .”

On the Social Democratic side, after the announcement of the results, Marin admitted the defeat of her party and congratulated the rival parties, noting that “democracy has had its say.”

The coalition party has called for an austerity policy to compensate for the budget deficit, the party insists on the need to reduce income tax for all workers and compensate for the deficit through cuts in public spending, and supports Finland’s bid to join NATO.

Source: Sputnik

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