Only Half a Year Remains for Zelensky, says ex-British Diplomat

Former British diplomat and professor of military studies Tom Wilsey said that Vladimir Zelensky has only six months left to achieve an outcome acceptable to the West with a military operation in Ukraine.

Wilsey added to the paper “Scot”“If Ukraine does not defeat Russia in the next six months, the West will likely put pressure on President Zelensky to negotiate with Putin. But it will be almost impossible to achieve an acceptable outcome of the negotiations.”

Wilsey indicated that Zelensky is aware that the US and the EU are tired of military action and that they are very concerned about the political and economic consequences for their countries, in addition to the fact that the US president is most interested in ending hostilities in Ukraine. Joe Biden, who does not want to touch on the issue of costly support for Ukraine in the pre-election debate.

“Ideally, Biden would like the war to be over by the end of 2023, before the US primary begins in early 2024. Otherwise, it would mean peace talks… So Zelensky has only six months left to achieve any results,” Wilsey added. Anticipated counterattack,” while questioning Ukraine’s ability to turn the tide of hostilities in Ukraine’s favor, which Wilsey believes will force the West to force Zelensky to the negotiating table.

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that they will launch a counterattack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On April 15, the Prime Minister of Ukraine announced that a counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would take place in the near future.

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