On the outskirts of Moscow.. launch of the most powerful thermal turbine in the world

Today, Monday, Gazprom Energoholding (a subsidiary of Gazprom) launched a heat turbine at CHPP No. 22 in the Moscow region, which the company called the most powerful in the world.

The head of the Russian company Gazprom, Alexei Miller, took part in the turbine launch ceremony via video link, according to a statement released by Gazprom Energoholding on Monday.

The statement stated that the power unit No. 9 of the thermal power complex No. 22 was put into operation after repair, and Miller indicated that all the main equipment of the power unit was manufactured in Russia, and the T295 turbine, which is the most powerful turbine in the world, was used to generate heat and electricity.

The head of Gazprom said that instead of the T250 steam turbine, a modern T295 turbine was used.

According to a statement by Gazprom Energoholding, the new turbine has an intelligent system for analyzing data from sensors that can detect potential malfunctions and warn about them long before they occur.

The launch of the new turbine will help improve the reliability of electricity and heat supply to Moscow and the Moscow region, which are in the stage of urban development.

Source: RT

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