Official.. Moroccan renaissance Zumamra signs Hashem Mastour

Nahdet Zemmamra, a club belonging to the Moroccan Football League, unexpectedly announced the signing of Hashem Mastoor, a graduate of the Italian club AC Milan.

And the Moroccan club wrote on its Facebook account: “Moroccan international Hashem Mastour, a former player of AC Milan and Reggina, Italian and Spanish Malaga, signed the statements of our club Al-Nahda Athletic Zamamra. ”

Mastour was born in Italy, a graduate of the Milan academy, and everyone predicted a prosperous future for him in the world of football, since he played at an early age and was no more than 18 years old for the first team of Milan, and at the same age he played for the first Moroccan national team after he was called to a party by Badu Zaki, the former coach of the Lions.

However, the talent of the now 24-year-old faded early, although he played for several other clubs such as the Dutch Zwolla, the Greek Bas Lamia and then the Italian Regina and Capi.

It is worth noting that Nahdet Zemmamra finished fourth in the Moroccan second division league last season.

Source: RT

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