Obstacles to Normalizing Relations between Damascus and Amman: Russian Ambassador Condemns the Caesar Act

Russian Ambassador Condemns “Caesar Act” as Obstacle to Damascus-Amman Relations

The Russian ambassador to Jordan said that “not all international players admire the efforts to normalize relations between Damascus and the countries of the Middle East”, condemning the “Caesar Act”, which represents an additional obstacle to rapprochement between Damascus and Amman.

Russia Supports Normalization of Damascus-Oman Relations

In a statement to the Novosti news agency, the Russian ambassador added: “Russia welcomes the normalization of relations between Damascus and Oman and all other members of the Arab community and will do everything possible to promote this process to the maximum extent possible, and we believe that such a positive development of events will contribute to the creation of a favorable climate around Syria.

Amman and Damascus Can Enhance Cooperation

Assessing the level of coordination between Amman and Damascus, he pointed out that there is still a reserve in this direction that can be used.

He said: “We expect Amman and Damascus to do whatever is necessary to seize the existing opportunities and take the Jordanian-Syrian cooperation to a new level.”

Arab League Agrees to Reintegrate Syria

The Arab League foreign ministers at their extraordinary meeting on May 7 agreed to return Syria to the regional organization after a 12-year break.


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