Nuland wants Netanyahu to thwart Putin and seduce him"prize"

US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said she would “award” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a Nobel Prize if he persuades Russian President Vladimir Putin to leave Ukraine.

“If Bibi Netanyahu can get Putin out of Ukraine, I will give him a Nobel Prize,” Nuland said Thursday in a speech to the Carnegie Think Tank in Washington.

Nuland pointed out that the Israelis are “distancing” from the Western alliance against Russia and believe they have a “special relationship” with Russia.

And she continued: “And we say to them: use it to end this terrible and cruel war.”

It is noteworthy that Russia has repeatedly stated its intention to achieve all the goals of its military operation in Ukraine, both by military and peaceful means.

The previous Israeli government led by Naftali Bennet called for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine and offered mediation efforts in the negotiations, but the Israeli initiative did not bear fruit.

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