Nuclear reactors are the energy of the future. Ranking of countries in the world in terms of electricity production using nuclear energy

The graph showed the ranking of countries in the world in terms of the use of peaceful atom in the production of electricity, and it is noteworthy that France topped the classification.

According to the schedule, which includes 20 countries, France generates about 72% of its electricity needs from peaceful nuclear power, and after France, Slovakia comes in second place with 53% of its energy generated from nuclear power.

In third place is Ukraine (52%), then:

Hungary (47%), Bulgaria (42%), Belgium (38%), Slovenia (37%), Czech Republic (36%), Finland (34%), Armenia (34%), Switzerland (33%), South Korea (29%), Sweden (29%), Spain (23%), Russia (21%), Romania (20%), USA (19%), UK (15%), Canada (15%), Germany (12%) %).

It should be noted that Hungary issued a permit for the construction of the fifth reactor of the Baksh-2 nuclear power plant, as well as six permits for the construction of a “nuclear island”.

Source: agencies

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