Novodonetske village witnesses the death of 23 Russian soldiers and 103 Ukrainian marines.

Captain Ruslan Gurbanov, commander of a tank company of the Russian marines, said that a 23-man Russian assault unit killed 103 Ukrainian marines near the village of Novodonetskoye.

Gurbanov said that Ukrainian units launched a counterattack last night, but were destroyed by a counterattack by an assault unit of the marines of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

He added: “The village of Novodonetske was under the control of Ukrainian forces for 5 hours. 23 fighters of our unit fought against 103 marines of the 37th brigade of the city of Odessa. The enemy was destroyed within 3 hours.

He cited a statement by the acting commander of the aforementioned offensive unit, dubbed Eva, that Russian troops had destroyed several NATO armored vehicles. And he added: “A French tank (model AMX-10) was destroyed by an anti-tank guided missile. The crew was immediately evacuated, leaving their comrade wounded, our soldiers helped him, and a soldier from the 37th brigade surrendered to Odessa without a fight.

Gurbanov also said that along with the damaged French tank, he found detailed instructions for operating the combat vehicle. He continued: “Each car has a manual for both the driver and the shooter. All the remaining equipment in Novodonetsk is facing problems in the operation of their electronic devices. The Russian Marines are currently studying manuals for defeating the militants.”

Source: TASS

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