Novak: EU sanctions will inevitably lead to gas shortages in the region

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that the decision of the European Union to impose a ceiling on gas prices and other sanctions is causing a deep long-term crisis and destabilizing the region.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that “the recent decision to impose a ceiling on gas prices once again shows that Western colleagues are not guided by common economic sense, but prefer to court their voters, thus receiving momentary political benefits, rather than economic ones. talk about the long term. These decisions provoke a deep, long-term crisis and destabilize Europe.”

Novak said LNG supplies and production processes are not stable. no, as consumption rises in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe will inevitably run into shortages.”

The Deputy Prime Minister explained that the current situation with gas in Europe is relatively calm and stable, there is no acute shortage. “There are two positive factors that have played a role this year. The lockdown in China has limited demand for gas, and warm weather in Europe has reduced consumption. Despite these favorable conditions, this required a reduction in gas consumption this year by 40-50 bcm gas, and this is just the beginning of the European energy crisis.”

Source: TASS

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