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North Korean missile launches simulate an attack on enemy airbases


North Korea’s state news agency said some missile launches between November 2 and 5 were simulated strikes on enemy air bases.

The agency cites North Korean army headquarters as saying the missile tests were carried out in response to the Vigilant Storm exercise conducted by the South Korean and US Air Forces in an area that Pyongyang considers an open provocation aimed at heightening tensions in the Korean conflict. peninsula.

According to the agency, the North Korean army conducted a military operation from November 2 to 5 in response to US-South Korean exercises.

On the first day of the operation, 4 tactical ballistic missiles were launched on the desert island to simulate an “attack on enemy air bases”. On the same day, four ballistic missiles were fired at a deserted island in the Yellow Sea, including multiple-warhead missiles and underground bombing missiles. On the same day, North Korean forces fired 23 surface-to-air missiles, simulating an operation against enemy air targets.

On the second day of the operation (November 3), five ballistic missiles and tactical rocket launchers were fired towards the Sea of ​​Japan, in addition to 46 bursts of long-range rocket launchers.

On the third day of the operation (November 4), large-scale air operations were carried out, lasting about three hours and 47 minutes, using 500 combat aircraft of various types.

On the last day of the operation (November 5), two tactical ballistic missiles with multiple warheads, as well as two large-caliber launchers, were fired at an uninhabited island in the Yellow Sea, “to simulate an attack on enemy air bases.”

Source: RIA Novosti


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