Nikki Haley Accuses Trump and DeSantis of Being Dishonest with the Public

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has criticized her rivals, former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying her Republican rivals are “dishonest with the people.”

Trump has warned Republicans to avoid making any immediate changes to Medicare or Social Security, even though his administration was already planning to cut food stamp benefits before a judge blocked the move in October 2020.

The DeSantis campaign declined to comment on his stance on Social Security and Medicare earlier this year after CNN analyzed remarks he made in his first congressional campaign in 2012, saying he would “accept” proposals to privatize them.

Commenting on this, Haley said, “I know both Trump and DeSantis have said they’re not going to do welfare reform… in trouble.”

And she emphasized that “Americans are tired of controversial politics and want the government to work for them again,” given that “the least controversial tone starts at the top,” referring to her decision to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol. building when she was governor in 2015 in response to racist mass shootings.

Haley criticized Trump for congratulating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after his country was elected to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization, saying, “Kim Jong-un is a thug … I don’t think we should congratulate dictators.”

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