Niger Bans French Aircraft from Its Airspace: Latest Updates on Diplomatic Tensions

French Aircraft Banned from Flying Over Niger


On Sunday, Niger banned French aircraft from flying over its airspace.

Aviation Authority Statement

Agence France-Presse, citing a statement from the Aviation Authority, said: “Niger has imposed a ban on French aircraft, preventing them from entering its airspace.”

Expulsion of French Ambassador

Notably, a court in Niger previously ordered the expulsion of French Ambassador Sylvain Etty from the country based on a petition filed by the ruling military junta in support of its decision in this regard.

French Rejection

So far, French authorities have rejected requests to withdraw their forces and diplomats from Niger, considering the current ruling military junta an “illegitimate power.”

Possible French Withdrawal

Meanwhile, Agence France-Presse previously reported that Paris may withdraw some of the French forces located in Niger in light of diplomatic tensions between the two countries. “Due to the political impasse between Paris and Niamey, some of the human and material resources involved in the fight against terrorism may be withdrawn from Niger,” the agency writes, citing informed sources.

Military Junta’s Justification

Niger’s military junta seized power on the 26th of last month and former Presidential Guard commander General Omar Abderrahmane Tiani justified the overthrow of President Mohamed Bazoum, citing his security failure and the economic and social situation in a country that is among the world’s poorest and suffering from the activities of armed groups.


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