Newspaper: Washington discusses with "Taliban" Freeing up Afghan assets to deal with the humanitarian crisis

The Washington Post reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden is discussing with representatives of the Taliban a mechanism for releasing some of the Afghan assets to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The newspaper, citing informed sources, said Biden aides have opened talks with the Taliban-formed Afghan government to enable that government to capitalize on Afghan Central Bank assets frozen in the US to support the Afghan economy. , protecting these assets from misuse is up to the Taliban.

Sources indicated that one option involves setting up a fund in a third country to manage assets, but the details of the new mechanism are not yet clear.

US officials expressed optimism about the progress of the talks but warned of some remaining obstacles.

It is noteworthy that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is difficult, millions of people need help and suffer from food shortages.

On June 22, a strong earthquake occurred in many regions of Afghanistan, as a result of which more than a thousand people died and about two thousand were injured.

Source: Washington Post.

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