Newspaper: UK industries could shut down next winter due to fuel shortages

The British newspaper Financial Times reported that many industrial enterprises in the UK could stop working in the winter if Russian gas supplies are cut off.

According to the publication, the UK’s largest consumer of energy resources plans to warn the government that with the advent of the cold season, some factories may stop amid fuel shortages and because of the authorities’ measures to reduce its consumption.

The newspaper notes that continuity of supply is vital for some industries.

Observers say members of the British government have so far underestimated the energy issue.

Experts expressed concern that London had previously purchased additional fuel from European countries. Now the European Union is planning to reduce gas consumption in anticipation of the cessation of supplies from Russia.

It is noteworthy that European countries have announced their intention to reduce their dependence on fuel supplies from Russia against the backdrop of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Source: RIA Novosti

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