Newspaper: Turkish University awarded leader’s brother with a medal "ISIS"

An opposition Turkish newspaper reported that Turkish Ghazi University awarded a medal to the elder brother of the second leader of the ISIS, Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Mawli Al-Salibi, nicknamed “Abu Ibrahim”, as part of one of its events. Al-Kurashi”.

Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi was killed during an American raid a few months ago.

Regarding the circumstances of the award to his older brother, it was reported that he received it “from the Turkmen Relief Fund for the relief campaign organized by Gazi University in December 2016.”

The newspaper quotes Turhan Chatin, head of the Turkmen Solidarity Fund, as saying about the awarding of the medal to the brother of the ISIS leader: “We wanted to help children. The Foundation also became an intermediary. We didn’t know who this person was. .”

Explaining the situation, Chatin continued: “After the war in Iraq and Syria, many Turkmen came to the region. He may have been active among them.”

It was stated that Adel Al-Salbi had been in Turkey since 2006 and was the director of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, and “his brother Muhammad Al-Salibi was one of the top leaders of ISIS until he took over the leadership of the organization after the assassination of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Meanwhile, Adele was Al-Sabbi organizing campaigns to help Iraq and meeting with politicians.

Regarding such meetings, Zaman spoke about the existence of photographs that “show that Adel Al-Sabi” met with MP from the Nationalist Movement Party Olga Kelavuz and mayor of Kachervan municipality from the Justice and Development Party Turgut Altinoluk.

source: time

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