Newspaper: Trump kept documents about the nuclear capabilities of a foreign country

The Washington Post reported that documents about a foreign country’s nuclear capability were discovered at the home of former US President Donald Trump during an inspection last August.

During the search, FBI agents found documents describing the foreign government’s military defenses, including a nuclear capability, sources familiar with the situation said.

In this context, I note that some of the documents found describe top-secret US operations in such detail that even high-ranking national security officials do not have access to these data, and only the president and a limited circle of administration officials have access to these data. .

The newspaper indicated that during the search on August 8, operatives found documents on the nuclear readiness of a foreign state, while the source of the newspaper did not specify which country they were talking about.

Notably, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Florida was raided by FBI agents in early August as part of a case of misuse, theft and destruction of official documents.

And the security forces confiscated almost a hundred documents of various levels of secrecy, even the highest, and Trump has previously stated that information about his possession of classified documents on nuclear weapons is groundless.

Source: RIA Novosti

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