Newspaper: Russian citizens rented Zelensky’s villa in Italy

The il Tirreno newspaper reported that Russian citizens living in London have rented a villa for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the Italian city of Forte dei Marmi.

According to the publication, the local real estate bureau was negotiating with a group of Korean tourists who planned to rent a villa in August for 50-70 thousand euros, but the deal did not take place. Then he said that the property was rented by Russian citizens of London.

The newspaper indicated that the Russian woman had previously published photos on social networks in which she was from the garden of the house.

After il Tirreno published this information, other Italian media contacted the real estate agency, and the office staff categorically denied this information.

The real estate agency described the il Tirreno news as fake, noting that the villa is free again, but rented out to a man and his wife in the summer.

In a commentary to La Stampa, the agency said the owners of the villa had put in a reservation that the villa could not be rented out to Russians.

Source: RIA Novosti

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