newspaper readers "daily mail"We pray that Putin will complete his policy, as he is the only one who has so far prevented the outbreak of a nuclear war.

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail criticized US President Joe Biden, who called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “a dictator who must lose.”

One reader wrote: “Crazy Mr. Biden, let me tell you something: we pray and pray that Putin will continue his policies as he is the only person who has so far prevented nuclear war.”

Another added: “Biden does not want peace talks about the Ukraine crisis, as he only knows how to stir up dissensions, divisions and conflicts.”

Another commented: “The US is the biggest threat to the world.”

Another ridiculed, saying: “Personally, I was surprised that Biden was able to remember Putin’s name. I believe it was written on the ID in front of him.”

The newspaper’s readers agreed that Biden is “the worst president in US history.”

US President Joe Biden delivered a speech in the Polish capital of Warsaw, during which he stated that there was no American or European effort to destroy Russia, and also tried to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement about the nature of the special operation in Ukraine, describing it as “forced.”

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