Newspaper: Indonesia is exploring the possibility of importing oil from Russia

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said his country is exploring the possibility of importing oil from Russia to curb rising energy prices in the domestic market.

Asked by a journalist about Indonesia’s intention to buy Russian oil, Widodo said in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times published today, Monday: “We are always considering all options. If there is a country that offers a better price, then of course… the government must find other sources to meet the energy needs of its people. And we want to find a solution.”

The newspaper pointed out that if Indonesia decided to follow the example of India and China, which increased the supply of Russian oil by lowering its price from Russia, this would help Russia compensate for most of its losses resulting from the reduction in supplies to Europe. .

According to Ristad Energy, the countries of the Asia-Pacific region from March 2022 to May 2022 increased the supply of Russian oil (Ural oil) by 4.5 times compared to 2021. As for European countries, the supply of Russian crude oil for the same period decreased by 554,000 barrels per day, i.e. from 2.04 million to 1.49 million tons. While Asian refineries increased their purchases of Russian oil by 503 thousand barrels per day, that is, from 1.14 million tons from January to February last year to 1.517 million from March to May last year.

For its part, Bloomberg reported that Asia for the first time surpassed Europe in terms of imports of Russian oil in light of the refusal of several European countries to supply Russian energy resources. Thus, China and India have become the largest buyers of Russian oil.

Source: TASS

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