Newspaper: Guaido is losing support from Washington and the Venezuelan opposition

The American newspaper The Miami Herald, citing its sources, reported that Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido began to lose support in the ranks of the Venezuelan opposition, and that Washington would not intervene to support him.

The newspaper quotes a White House spokesman as saying that the administration of President Joe Biden will not interfere in a possible struggle for leadership in the ranks of the Venezuelan opposition.

“The United States continues to recognize Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela. If the Venezuelan opposition decides to abandon the interim government, that decision is up to them,” the official said.

For his part, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition pointed out that “a consensus around the idea of ​​an interim government is no longer possible, especially the role of Guaidó as an interim president.”

He added that there were discussions “what would be the National Assembly without Guaidó at the head.”

Venezuelan opposition sources said a new opposition leadership structure could be formed in late November or early December, ahead of the swearing in of the new National Assembly (parliament) next January.

The newspaper pointed out that the main opposition parties discussed possible changes during the meeting in Panama, and US Ambassador to Venezuela James Storey also met with them on the sidelines of the discussions.

Sources confirmed that the ambassador expressed concern about the leadership of the interim government and the management of Venezuelan assets abroad.

A US State Department spokesman announced that the Washington administration is coordinating with the Guaidó administration and the Venezuelan opposition’s “common platform” “the necessary steps to find a negotiated solution that will lead to the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.”

It should be noted that the Biden administration did not invite Guaido, whom Washington has recognized as the “interim president” of Venezuela since January 2019, to the summit of American states in Los Angeles this year, but opened a dialogue with the president’s government. Nicolas Maduro in light of the global energy crisis.

Source: Miami Herald.

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