Newspaper: G7 leaders agree on actions in an attempt to cut Russia’s oil revenues

The Politico newspaper, citing two sources, reported that the leaders of the G7 countries had reached an agreement on setting prices for imported Russian oil in the future.

According to the publication, now the G7 countries will have to take concrete measures to implement this agreement.

The newspaper also pointed out that France proposed to set a ceiling on oil prices for other producers, but this proposal was opposed by the United States and Germany.

The newspaper reported: “French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed caps not only on the price of Russian oil, but also on the price of oil from other producers, but the US and Germany opposed such a measure, prompting France to abandon the measure. initiative”.

The newspaper pointed out that the agreement on setting the price of Russian oil took place against the backdrop of concern in Western countries due to the fact that the embargo imposed on Russian oil by the US and the European Union only led to higher prices. black gold in the world.

She added that G7 leaders could work with other oil buyers to bring prices down.

Earlier media indicated that G7 leaders are discussing a US proposal for oil buyers to determine the maximum price they are willing to pay for crude oil.

And Bloomberg, citing sources, said on Tuesday that the leaders of the G7 countries will instruct the relevant ministries to study the possibility of introducing a price ceiling on the purchase of Russian gas.

Source: Interfax

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