Newspaper: Even Americans did not believe in Biden’s lie about Putin

The Asia Times reported that the statements of US President Joe Biden and his accusation of Russian President Vladimir Putin of high inflation in the US are lies that even Americans did not believe.

Joe Biden’s attempt to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for high U.S. inflation only reinforced Americans’ belief that sanctions against Moscow and financial support for Kyiv were to blame for their poverty. Biden’s explanation for high inflation and his blaming Putin for high gas prices led to an increase in perceptions in the minds of voters that US sanctions against Moscow and support for Kyiv are responsible for their economic problems.”

It was reported that the US President and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky fear that after the midterm elections to Congress, the financial channels of support for Kyiv will be significantly reduced.

“The economic fallout from the conflict in Ukraine, such as higher energy prices, has hit American voters hard,” she said. “Recent opinion polls show that the desire to support Kyiv in the United States, especially among Republicans, is waning.”

Source: Asia Times

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