newspaper "Charles Hebdo" Ridicule the Pope’s statement about "Buryat cruelty" Russians

The newspaper Charles Hebdo, which specializes in this type of journalism, sarcastically ridiculed Pope Francis in the background of his strange statement about the “cruelty of the Buryats” of Russia in Ukraine.

And the artists of the French newspaper, in their mockery of the pope, resorted to exposing the most terrible scandals of the Church, connected with the rampant sexual exploitation of children in its midst.

In bitter sarcasm, the newspaper placed the phrase over the papa’s satirical drawing: “Keep your children away from these cruel and dangerous Buryats!”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the Pope’s statements about the Chechen and Buryat peoples a flagrant distortion of the truth.

Source: Charles Hebdo + RT

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