Newspaper: Canada returned Nord Stream turbine to Germany

The Kommersant newspaper, citing an informed source, reported that yesterday, Sunday, Canada sent the Siemens turbine of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Germany by plane, and it should arrive in Russia by July 24.

The newspaper added: “On July 17, Canada shipped a refurbished Siemens Energy gas turbine to Germany, which is used to pump gas through the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. Said turbine was delivered to Germany by air and not by sea, as planned from the very beginning, in order to speed up its arrival.”

According to the publication, in 5-7 days the turbine will be transferred to Russia, if there are no problems in the field of logistics or customs.

The turbine will be delivered to Russia by sea and then by land via Helsinki, since the Portovaya terminal, where it will be installed, is located near the border with Finland.

The newspaper continued: “The turbine is expected to arrive in Russia on July 24, and the installation and operation process will take 3-4 days.”

It is noteworthy that since mid-June, Gazprom has reduced the flow of gas through the said pipeline by about 60 percent due to problems with servicing gas turbines at the Portovaya station and the refusal of the Canadian authorities to return the equipment after it has been serviced there.

Source: RIA Novosti

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