Newspaper: Asian countries are beginning to doubt the credibility of Western partners

The Financial Times wrote today, Tuesday, that Asian countries are beginning to doubt the credibility of Western partners in light of the growing political dangers of cooperation with them.

“Many Asian countries that used to see the West as a partner are beginning to question its credibility, its willingness to commit resources, and its strong political influence in the world…” Ben Bland, director of the Asia-Pacific Research Program at the British Royal Institute of International Affairs.

He believes that many politicians in the East are not confident that they can “rely on the UK, the EU and the US in the face of a series of serious domestic crises.”

The newspaper pointed out that Asian countries are particularly concerned about the “chaotic politics” practiced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as the prospects for the return of Donald Trump to power in the United States and the strengthening of far-right movements in France and disagreements within the European Union. She stressed that the current situation in Western countries “appears to be unstable and unpredictable.”

In addition, the newspaper believes that the West is losing the fight for influence in the Asian region, noting that plans to increase its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, such as the US government’s “Build Back Better World” plan or the British Foreign Office plan The Pacific Knot is facing great difficulties, including due to disagreements within the European Union, as well as between the European Union and the UK. This leads to the fact that “Asian partners begin to doubt the ability of the West to fulfill the tasks facing it” and move on to cooperation with China.

She added that the current level of political, economic and social chaos in Western countries undermines the confidence of Asian partners, as well as their ability to achieve strategic goals in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: TASS

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