Newspaper: American companies secretly want to return to the Russian market through Turkey

The newspaper Yeni Safak, close to Turkish business circles, reported that American companies that left Russia because of the situation in Ukraine are looking for a way to secretly return to the Russian market through Turkey.

The newspaper added: “Many American companies want to circumvent Western sanctions on Russia, and in doing so offer some Turkish companies to carry out common business in exchange for a certain commission.”

The newspaper, citing Turkish businessmen, said that in recent months the number of such proposals from American companies has increased.

The newspaper emphasizes that American companies work on the road between Russia, Turkey, Dubai and the United States and through it they buy goods from Russia.

The article stated: “Many international companies headquartered in the United States use their subsidiaries located in Dubai Free Zones to carry out this business. American companies that make such joint business proposals to Turkish companies resort to this method to cover their losses in the Russian market.

The newspaper pointed out that the list of goods that US companies want to buy from Russia includes petrochemicals, mineral fuels, precious metals, stones, grains, iron and steel, fertilizers, inorganic chemicals, water and alcoholic beverages.

The article noted that when the US and Europe imposed sanctions on Russian companies and wealthy businessmen working in various fields, especially in finance, energy, defense and technology, thousands of Western companies found themselves in a difficult position.

According to the publication, in March last year, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce Myron Brilliant visited Turkey and met with many politicians and businessmen.

Source: RIA Novosti

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