Newspaper: Africans’ position differs from Washington’s position towards Ukraine

The Washington Post, citing US administration officials, reported that African leaders and US officials have different views on resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

And according to NewspaperThe African and American sides disagree on the tactics that should be used to achieve peace.

A senior administration official said the two sides disagree on what tactics to use to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, with Africans opposed to the idea of ​​”punishing Russia” and pushing Kiev to agree to a solution.

The official noted that African leaders have made it clear to the White House that they simply want an end to the conflict, which complicates a diplomatic solution.

Officials said the Joe Biden administration at the US-Africa summit seeks to emphasize partnership in its dealings with African nations, highlighting the United States’ capabilities in the face of intense global competition for influence with other world powers, the newspaper reported.

The next US-Africa summit, which began under former President Barack Obama, will be held in the US capital on December 13-15.

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