Newest addition to 5 Eyes coalition bans Tik Tok on official electronic devices.

Australia has announced that it will ban the Tik Tok app on public electronic devices, joining a growing list of Western countries that have preceded the measure.

Australia’s Attorney General Mark Dreyfus said on Tuesday that the decision was made in accordance with the recommendations of the country’s intelligence agencies, and its implementation will begin “as soon as possible.”

Australia is the latest member of the Five Eyes intelligence coalition, which includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, which imposed a government ban on TikTok.

Similar decisions were taken by France, the Netherlands and the European Commission.

Electronic security experts have warned that the app, which has over a billion users and has been very popular lately, could be used to collect data and share it with the Chinese government.

TikTok brought back a ban on “xenophobia” but admitted last December to collecting data to spy on journalists.

Many government departments initially sought to use TikTok as a means to communicate with younger demographics that are difficult to reach through traditional media.

Earlier this year, the Australian government announced that it would be removing Chinese-made security cameras from politicians’ offices due to security concerns.

Source: AFP.

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