"New York Times"The Russian economy is approaching pre-pandemic levels

The New York Times reported that Western countries wanted to “strangle” the Russian economy by imposing sanctions, but these plans failed, and indicated that the Russian economy was approaching pre-pandemic levels.

According to the publication, China and India are buying oil from Russia in quantities close to the volumes that the West bought from Russia before the imposition of Western sanctions against Moscow.

The newspaper reported: “Oil prices have risen to such an extent that Russia is now making more money selling oil than it did four months ago.”

The New York Times reported that after the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions, Chinese imports of Russian oil increased by 28%, and also indicated that the Indian authorities increased purchases of Russian oil, although they bought it in significant volumes. before the start of the operation.

As for the performance of the Russian economy, the authors of the report stated that the Russian economy is approaching its pre-crisis level due to the appreciation of the Russian currency and the growth of trade relations with Russia.

Source: The New York Times.

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