"New York Times"Disappointment and pain for the US and its partners as a result of sanctions against Russia

The New York Times reported that the United States and its European allies are frustrated and hurt by sanctions against Russia, and they did not expect the economic pressure they are facing.

The newspaper said that after the refusal or announcement of a reduction in Russian oil imports, the US and Europe faced a sharp increase in energy prices.

She noted that at the same time, Moscow, under the pressure of sanctions, recorded an increase in its revenues from the sale of oil and gas.

The newspaper quotes Andrew Weiss, vice president of the Carnegie Endowment for Research, as saying that the truth is that Western economies are much weaker than their governments believe.

The New York Times predicted that the Republican Party in the midterm congressional elections in the fall would “benefit” from rising costs of living.

Earlier, the head of the American Institute for Economic Research, William Roger, said that the United States, with its sanctions against Russia, ended up “shooting itself a bullet in the legs.”

It should be noted that the International Monetary Fund warned the US that it faces increased downside risks and that it faces a “narrow path” to avoid recession, and lowered its growth forecast for the US economy.

Source: RIA Novosti

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