New videos.. Arab fans fight "their fight" With the Israelis on the land of Qatar

Israeli correspondents and journalists have faced embarrassing situations while covering the matches of the World Cup in Qatar, and in particular matches in which one of the Arab teams is a participant.

Pioneers of social media and news sites circulated several videos of Israeli journalists being occasionally embarrassed and insulted as they attempted to conduct press interviews with Arab fans.

In one circulated video, a fan of the Saudi national team appeared and told an Israeli reporter: “You are not welcome here in Qatar.”

In another video, a second Israeli reporter found himself in an unenviable position after he tried to fool Arab fans by claiming he was Ecuadorian.

However, one of the fans immediately revealed his identity and shouted “Free Palestine” in front of him, after which the Arab masses refused to talk to him or participate in his press interviews.

The same reporter in disguise appeared in another video talking to an Arab fan as the latter assured him that Israelis were not welcome in Qatar and that the Arab masses would not accept any meeting with them.

Source: RT

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