New Uranium Supply Contract Secured by Rosatom for Brazil

The Russian company Rosatom said that Russia and Brazil signed a new contract in Rio de Janeiro to supply the Russian side of Brazil with uranium after Russia won a tender to enrich Brazil.

“We continue to develop cooperation with the Brazilian company INB Industrias Nucleares do Brasil for the supply of uranium,” said Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director of the Russian company.

He added: “Last year we won an international tender and signed an agreement on uranium enrichment in Brazil, and today a new contract was signed in Rio de Janeiro for the supply of natural uranium to Brazil.”

It should be noted that in mid-2017, the Russian and Brazilian sides reviewed at the highest level the readiness of the Russian side to reprocess nuclear fuel at the Brazilian Angra NPP.

It is noteworthy that Rosatom is a Russian state corporation that ranks first in the world in terms of the number of nuclear power plants and reactors under construction around the world, including in China, India, Iran, Turkey and Egypt.

Many European countries, primarily France, depend on the services of Rosatom, as these countries did not include nuclear cooperation with Russia in the sanctions list in order not to cut off uranium and Russian services from their reactors.

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