New Strategy by EU to Penalize Russia Unveiled

The German news agency DPA reported that the European Commission has proposed introducing the possibility of restricting exports to third countries as part of the fight against circumventing anti-Russian sanctions.

The agency said: “Yesterday, the agency became aware that this proposal from the European Commission was sent to member states as part of the eleventh package of sanctions against Russia.”

The agency indicated that it plans to create a legal possibility to restrict exports to third countries as a deterrent in case sanctions are suspected of being circumvented. If this measure proves insufficient, a ban on the export of certain goods may be introduced in the second stage. Of course, special attention will be paid to dual-use goods. As an example, the agency cited night vision devices used by hunters and security companies, as well as the military.

The permanent representatives of the 27 EU member states will discuss the proposal next Wednesday. The article says that the goal is the adoption of the eleventh package of sanctions before the end of this month.

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