New package of military aid to Ukraine fails to secure agreement from the European Union

European Commissioner for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said European defense ministers had failed to agree on a new military aid package for Ukraine, adding that discussions were ongoing.

“We have already proposed the eighth package in the amount of 500 million euros, on which we continue negotiations. I hope we overcome all obstacles one by one in order to approve this assistance at a technical level starting this week. So far,” Borrell said after a meeting of the Council of the European Union’s Department of Defense. We do not have a unanimous decision on this matter.”

Earlier today, on Tuesday, the press service of the European Commission announced the allocation of a new tranche of general financial assistance to Ukraine for 2023 in the amount of 1.5 billion euros.

The Commission said that the European Union, through this tranche, is “aiming to help Ukraine cover its immediate funding needs with large, stable and predictable financial support in 2023.”

The European Commission also indicated that the support would help Ukraine continue to pay salaries and pensions, as well as keep essential public services running, such as hospitals, schools and housing for displaced people, and added that the aid also aims to rebuild vital infrastructure. which was destroyed during the conflict.

Source: RT + News

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