New Movies for Nintendo: Is a Sequel to Super Mario Bros in the Works?

New movies for Nintendo?

A highly successful movie for Nintendo, Super Mario Bros, has grossed nearly $1.314 billion worldwide at the box office, boosting sales of derivative products based on the plumber’s license.

Nintendo is determined to build an extended universe with its franchises, expanding its global vision beyond video game platforms. The company aims to create new opportunities for consumers and invigorate its general activity. The release of the Super Mario Bros movie has confirmed positive results, prompting Nintendo to continue its efforts in cinema-related initiatives. However, the specific title to be adapted has not been announced yet. Chris Pratt, who voices Mario, has revealed that plans for a sequel are already in place.

A sequel to Super Mario Bros?

According to Chris Pratt, a sequel to the Super Mario Bros movie could be in the works. However, the ongoing strike by writers and actors may affect the plans. The strikers are demanding better remuneration, recognition, and protection against artificial intelligence. Pratt expressed his support for the striking union and the authors. Once the negotiations conclude and there is a sense of progress, discussions about the next steps can begin. As of now, no new information has been released.

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