New Corridor Opens for Ukrainian Sea Ports as Five Ships Resume Agricultural Exports: MarineTraffic Database

Ukrainian Sea Ports Receive Five New Ships

Five new ships are making their way to Ukrainian sea ports through a newly opened corridor, which is being used to resume predominantly agricultural exports. This alternative arrangement has been implemented due to the Black Sea grain deal being blocked by Russia. According to the MarineTraffic database, three cargo vessels have already left Ukrainian Black Sea ports after loading, making them the latest ships to sail since Kyiv established a temporary “humanitarian corridor” for safe passage of Ukraine exports.

Identified Ships

The MarineTraffic database has identified the five vessels heading towards the ports as Olga, Ida, Forza Doria, New Legacy, and Danny Boy.

Export of Food and Steel

Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov announced last month that three cargo ships were en route to Ukrainian Black Sea ports for further exports of food and steel. Bulk carriers Azara, Ying Hao 01, and Eneida were scheduled to load 127,000 metric tons of agricultural products and iron ore destined for China, Egypt, and Spain.

Background: Russian Blockade

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, Moscow closed off the Black Sea ports, which were one of the world’s largest grain suppliers. This move was widely criticized by Kyiv and its Western allies, who saw it as an attempt to use global food supplies as a form of blackmail. Moscow justified its actions by claiming that the ports could be used to smuggle in weapons.

Reopening of Ports and Subsequent Blockade

In July 2022, the ports were reopened under a UN and Turkey-brokered deal, allowing Russia to inspect ships for arms. However, a year later, Moscow withdrew from the agreement and reimposed the blockade, citing dissatisfaction with the terms and claiming that its demands for better conditions for its own food and fertilizer exports were being ignored.

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