Netanyahu to proceed with judiciary reform plan despite failed negotiations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government was determined to move ahead with a plan to change the judiciary after the failure of talks to find a compromise.

Netanyahu said during a government meeting today, Sunday, that the Israeli opposition’s negotiations on the matter were conducted in bad faith, stressing that his government would move forward with great caution on the judicial reform scheme.

He added: “We will meet this week and take the necessary practical steps, and we will implement them in a balanced and responsible manner, in accordance with the mandate we have received to reform the judiciary.”

It should be noted that Netanyahu suspended the judicial reform project in March last year after the start of a series of mass protests against it.

The Associated Press pointed out that the decision to proceed with the planned judicial reforms could spark tensions and ignite the protest movement that has been going on in Israel for 24 weeks despite the plan being temporarily frozen.

For his part, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid said that pushing the plan unilaterally “would seriously damage the Israeli economy, jeopardize public security in the country, and tear the Israeli people apart.”

The Israeli government’s plans to reform the justice system earlier this year plunged the country into one of the worst internal crises in history.

Negotiations between the authorities and opposition parties to some extent softened the crisis with attempts to find a compromise on the proposed amendments to the country’s justice system, but last week these negotiations were disrupted by the crisis over the permanent commission for the selection of the country’s judges. .

For their part, Israeli opposition leaders said the talks would be frozen until the committee was re-established.

Source: Associated Press.

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