Netanyahu: I rushed to write memoirs for fear of dying from the corona

Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu revealed today, Monday, that he rushed to finish writing his memoirs due to fears that the Corona virus could take his life before he finished writing them.

During the pre-release of his English-language book Bibi: My Story, Netanyahu said in a video, “I wrote this quickly during the coronavirus pandemic.”

He admitted that had he remained Prime Minister, he would not have had time to write his autobiography, which he completed in nine months, adding: “Being the President of the Opposition is much easier, with much more free time, than being Prime Minister.” . never wrote any of his books when he was in a management position. It’s impossible”.

During his long political career, Netanyahu has written a collection of books on topics such as the fight against terrorism and the history of Zionism, as well as a book dedicated to his older brother, Yonatan Netanyahu, the only Israeli soldier to die as a hostage. Rescue operation in Entebbe in 1976.

Netanyahu said the new book is meant to “inspire readers and those who aspire to live meaningful lives.”

Source: The Times of Israel.

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