Netanyahu accuses Duke of causing civil unrest

Israeli media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if a civil war broke out over the government’s plan to reform the judiciary, it would be President Isaac Herzog’s fault.

According to a Channel 13 report, Netanyahu made the announcement in a private conversation shortly after Duke presented his alternative concept for judicial reform last week. Netanyahu’s office called the report “false”.

The proposed law to limit the powers of the Supreme Court as a means of curbing the government, which the ruling coalition is pushing through parliament, has caused a deep split in Israeli society, leading to massive protests against change.

The Duke, who presented his proposal on Thursday, warned that Israel was in danger of a real civil war. The government quickly dismissed his plan because it was “grossly misrepresented” in relation to the position of the critics of the comprehensive reform plan.

Shortly thereafter, the report said, Netanyahu lashed out at the Duke, hinting to his loved ones that in the event of a civil war, “the blood will be on the Duke’s hands.”

The prime minister is said to have been furious that the Duke had made his offer public, even though Netanyahu had asked him to wait a day or two.

Source: Times of Israel.

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