Negotiations with Russia may be possible after Ukraine’s counterattack, according to the West.

The Wall Street Journal reported that European officials see the Ukrainian counteroffensive as “paving the way” before the end of the year for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

The newspaper pointed out that this approach is based on the fact that neither side can fight indefinitely, and some Western countries want to test China’s role as a mediator, which indicates a change in the West’s attitude towards Beijing in this regard.

And she confirmed that high-ranking officials in the US National Security Council support the negotiations between Kiev and Moscow. But the State Department and the CIA are skeptical of the idea and want to consider the outcome of a potential Ukrainian counterattack before taking any diplomatic steps.

She added that this reversal of inclinations comes against the background of real concern in Western countries that they will not be able to maintain the necessary level of military assistance to the Kyiv authorities in the future.

Source: TASS

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