Negotiations for Crisis Resolution: US and Europe Competing to Supply Weapons to Kyiv, Hungary

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sjarto said the United States and the European Union are competing with each other over who can send more weapons to Ukraine.

According to him, the Euro-Atlantic community is now experiencing a kind of “military psychosis”, and the deputies of the European Parliament in Brussels “see this as a competition between who will give more weapons to Ukraine – the United States or Europe.”

Ciarto admitted that he was shocked by this, especially since the armed conflict is taking place in Europe, which feels “all its negative consequences”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that “there can be no winners in this war, only losers. The longer this war goes on, the more people will die and the destruction will increase.”

In this regard, he stressed that the Hungarian government considers the only correct way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine is a ceasefire and peace talks.

“We welcome direct talks between the US and Russia on Ukraine,” the Foreign Minister said, noting that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had a brief conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on March 2 during the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in India.

“It’s great that they have more time to talk,” Ciarto said. “In the few minutes that they have, it was very difficult to discuss ways to achieve a permanent settlement in Ukraine.”

He also stated that most countries are in favor of the soonest establishment of peace in Ukraine. The Minister stressed that “the world needs peace talks, and for this we must keep channels of communication open.”

According to him, neither the sanctions, which harm Europe more than Russia, nor the supply of weapons to Ukraine will resolve the situation. “Only by establishing peace can human lives be saved,” Ciarto said.

Earlier, the Hungarian government has repeatedly stated that, in its opinion, in order to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, negotiations should take place not only between Ukraine and Russia, but also between Russia and the United States, where Washington provides the main political and military axis in support of Kiev.

Source: TASS

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