Nebenzya urges forceful responses to Western calls for strategic defeat of Prussia

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, confirmed that Western statements about inflicting a strategic defeat on the Russian Federation require a military response from Moscow.

“Against the background of NATO’s openly declared desire to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, it is clear that such measures require us to take all necessary reciprocal steps, including in the military sphere, to ensure the security of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. “, Nebenzya said.

He added: “This is the direction of the measures announced by the President of Russia, which frightened the Zelensky regime and its Western sponsors.”

“Or did you seriously expect that we would not properly respond to your aggressive and provocative actions?” the diplomat said.

Nebenzya noted that peace in Ukraine would have been achieved long ago if the United States stopped pumping weapons into Kyiv, and American statements about disagreement with a ceasefire in Ukraine are now the apotheosis of hypocrisy.

At a meeting of the UN Security Council, Nebenzya stressed that Russia emphasizes that there can be no winners in a nuclear war.

“Yes, we argue that there can be no winner in a nuclear war,” he said.

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