NATO: We expect a protracted conflict in Ukraine

NATO predicted that the conflict in Ukraine would be protracted, turning into a “war of attrition” without a decisive victory for either side.

“Unfortunately, we expect a long conflict, something like a war of attrition, in which there will be heavy losses on both sides, a war with a larger role of artillery and limited troop movements as they advance and then retreat, and neither one nor the other the other side does not have enough forces to achieve a decisive victory on the field.

Guana described the June 29-30 NATO summit in Madrid as “historic”, adding: “We will work to strengthen NATO’s presence in the east wing and the leaders will announce the size and special contribution that will be made by various allies.”

“I expect that significant attention will be paid to the Black Sea region, which is of vital and strategic importance to NATO,” he said.

He stressed that he expects the participation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the summit, noting the need to continue providing support to Ukraine.

He also noted that the leaders of countries far from the Atlantic region, such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, will attend the summit, adding that “there will be good news for Romania, NATO, transatlantic relations and for Ukraine.” .”

Source: TASS

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